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Buying Your Home - Making an Offer

Can you buy homes below market?
While a typical buyer may look at five to 10 homes before making an offer, you or The David Team can and will set up specific searches if you like.  No cost - no obligation.  The searches can include resales, new homes, foreclosures, short sales, a specific square footage, year built, pool or no pool, price range, zip codes etc.  Let us know the search parameters you would like us to set up for you?

What is the difference between list and sales prices?
The list price is the price the home is is listed and advertised for. The sales price is the amount a property actually sells for.  The appraised value is done by a licensed appraiser and is required by a mortgage lender. Contact us so we may discuss these points in more detail. 

Is a low offer a good idea?
NO, not in this market.  Contact us so we may discuss the making of an offer in more detail including being pre-qualified and budgeted by one of our lenders in a mortgage program that best suits your goals and needs..

Do I need an attorney when I buy a house?

No your don't, BUT you can always have an attorney of your choice represent you.   Generally, a Title Company will hold your binder deposit pending closing, and act as closing agent for the transaction.  CONTACT US so we can go over the closing in more detail. 

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Noel and Paula David
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